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Trinel Torian

(he/him) is a Sociology PhD Candidate at the University of California, Berkeley. His research examines educational inequality with an emphasis on the historical, legal, cultural, and organizational factors that affect the experiences and success of racial/ethnic minorities and socioeconomically disadvantaged students. From his work assessing the efficacy of policy initiatives at the elementary and secondary level, his study of university affirmative action and educational opportunity programs, to his research on historically black colleges and universities, Trinel has displayed a keen and passionate

interest in advancing racial equity and social justice. Prior to Berkeley, Trinel worked as a program development assistant at MDRC where he helped the organization foster and maintain relationships with foundations and coordinated reporting on funded programs. During his time at MDRC he also participated in research activities in the
organization’s K-12 policy area; gaining insight on a range of educational issues. Trinel earned his bachelor’s degree from Colgate University where he studied sociology and political science.

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