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Freedom Dreams in Philanthropy is an invitation into the collective work of re-imagining the sector and remaking the world. We seek a thriving, multiracial democracy that centers mutuality, care, and community.

Honoring the insights and intuition of visionary leaders of color in philanthropy, we create brave spaces for uncovering the roadmaps to just futures and recovering our innate capacity to freedom dream.

Our work embraces the tradition of Freedom Dreaming uplifted by Robin D.G Kelley and descends from a lineage of Black feminist theory and methods. We also draw on insights from academics spanning many disciplines, who represent the leading edge of thought on liberation and social justice.

With this intellectual and theoretical grounding, we embarked on a journey through inquiry with over 25 foundation CEOs and Executive Directors of color with expressed commitments to racial equity. We asked about their childhood dreams, the early experiences that shaped their aspirations, their paths into philanthropy, the values that guide their work in the sector, and their dreams for philanthropy and the world.

These conversations underscored the tremendous value of these leaders to the field. They also strengthened our belief that through solidarity with visionary leaders of color, deep listening, and collaboration we can bring about a future where everyone is included, beloved, and has what they need to thrive.

By moving us beyond problems and into possibilities, Freedom Dreams in Philanthropy will facilitate developing collective visions, an important step in the direction of the world we all desire. We believe that together we can remake our institutions and systems in ways that encourage cooperation over conflict, sharing over control, love over fear.

We often see problems more clearly than we can imagine solutions to them. It’s often easier for us to name, identify, discuss, and articulate problems than it is for us to imagine entirely new solutions.”

Shawn Ginwright in

The Four Pivots: Reimagining Justice, Reimagining Ourselves

The Freedom Dreams Team

Chera Reid, Efraín Gutiérrez, and Trinel Torian come to Freedom Dreams in Philanthropy with career experiences that span the social sector, including philanthropy, nonprofit leadership, social policy & evaluation, and academia. As leaders and practitioners, we have lived the challenges and possibilities inherent in the philanthropic sector. Our previous work in philanthropy and adjacent spaces make us well-positioned to develop and engage in research and deep listening with and for our peers.

Chera Reid, PhD

Efraín Gutiérrez

Trinel Torian

Image Credits: Aaron Jay Young

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